Seasonal Booklists

There are almost too many books published each year and there is little enough time to choose what you want. We seek to make the decisions of what to read (and what to give) much simpler and much more enjoyable. A few times a year we produce a list of recommendations from the new and exciting releases, over many genres.

Please view and download previous editions of our seasonal booklist below. To automatically receive the lists in future, please email us at

Booklists 2024
Spring 2024, combined list
Booklists 2023
Winter 2023, combined list
Summer 2023, combined list
Spring 2023, combined list
Booklists 2022
Winter 2022, combined list
Summer 2022, combined list
Spring 2022, combined list
Booklists 2021
Winter 2021/22, combined list
Late Summer 2021, combined list
Spring 2021, combined list
Booklists 2020
Winter 2020/21
Winter 2020/21, children
Summer 2020
Summer 2020, children
Spring 2020
Spring 2020, children
Booklists 2019
Winter 2019
Christmas 2019, children
Summer 2019
Summer 2019, children
Spring 2019
Spring 2019, children
Booklists 2018
Winter 2018
Christmas 2018, children
Summer 2018
Summer 2018, children
Spring 2018
Spring 2018, children